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 New Quest

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PostSubject: New Quest   Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:37 pm

I am currently working on a new quest that will reward not only 500k EP's and a full Boss drops , but EDO's first King/Queen Casuals. This will be the ONLY way in game to get these casuals and they are absolutely untradeable, you will NOT be able to repeat this quest.

Here is a pic of the King Casual:

Here is a pic of the Queen Casual:

Here are the casual's stats (they are both the same):

Suggested Requirements for the quest:
1. 4K Battle Power
2. Some Friends

Quest Walk through:

1. You will have to battle your way through mounds of intense monsters until you come upon a boss. Randoms portals are dissabled so you cannot hope to get lucky and land near the boss. These beasts will have the exact same stats as moon monsters.

2. The boss battle will be very long and only the person with he final blow will be awarded the prize. It is suggested to bring friends because although the boss is only slightly stronger then all the other monsters, he has an immense amount of Health. (429496729hp to be exact)

3. When you kill the boss there will be anywhere from 5-15 items drop on the ground (4 summon, 10k expballs, etc) the person with the final blow will also be rewarded with 500k EP's and the new King/Queen casual (there choice but you will get only one)
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New Quest
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