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 How to succesfully run autopatch.

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PostSubject: How to succesfully run autopatch.   Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:02 pm

Since people kept having problems with the autopatch, I decided to make a short and simple guide to solve this problem. What you want to do first is to check if the site is up and running because without it, it means the autopatch will fail. There are 2 ways (that I know of) to fix the autopatch fail. 1 way is to check your Task Manager to see if you're running a previous autopatch that was stuck and didn't exit correctly, if so, delete it. 2nd is to open version.dat (located in the EDO folder) with notepad and change the numbers to the current patch we're on which is patch '1028' (I will change the number every time there is a new patch).

To open up Task Manage, simple Hold Ctrl+Alt, then press Delete. Go to Processes tab at the top, and locate 'soul.exe', highlight it, and then press 'End Process' at the bottom right. After doing so, attempt to run play.exe and hope it works.

The second way to solve the autopatch fail is to go into the EDO folder which is named Client. Look for a file called 'version.dat', open it with NotePad or a program that's similar. You will see 4 digit numbers. Change it to the current number patch that we are on. Then run play.exe, it should work.
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How to succesfully run autopatch.
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