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 Death_Angel's Introduction

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PostSubject: Death_Angel's Introduction   Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:59 pm

Name: Death_Angel or DA for short... real name is Kita
Where are you from?... stalker answer - in the darkest shadows of your closet but sometimes I like it under the bed
How old are you? I'm not the oldest person on eo but def not the youngest... do I really have to answer?
What brought you to Eternal Darkness Online? vacation!!! party time!!!
Do you know anyone from Eternal Darkness Online? maybe, ppl come and ppl go... those who remember me as Shryelle know :p
Whats hobbies do you got? atm... editing and building pcs
Whats your favorite color? Black and Blood red..
Why is that your favorite color? <--- really?
Are you a boy or a girl? most ppl think im a guy... this simply is not true... ive been through childbirth....

story... blah

I am sarchastic, funny, intelligent, old, eclectic... well I get along with everyone I hate intros like this :p leave nothing for the imagination... so talk to me and youll see a different facet of my personality everytime you talk to me :p
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Death_Angel's Introduction
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