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 mod app ;)

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mod app ;) Empty
PostSubject: mod app ;)   mod app ;) EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 12:08 am

Name: Sephiroth
Experience on forums: never been mod or anything, i know basic things and stuff
Experience in-game: 1 month here about
Experience in EO: about 2 years of offical and 1 on pservers, never been mod,gm, pm on eudemons
How can you help our EDO Community: helpful, and im not much into pking so i prefer helping ppl as much as i can Smile
Hours: i try to be on forums and ingame for 5 hours in day, maybe less but maybe more. depends on school
Other: well idk, xat would be useful to chat, but theres barely ppl on there so..idk other Smile
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mod app ;)
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