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 Guide to Knights of the Round Table.

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PostSubject: Guide to Knights of the Round Table.   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:51 pm

Understanding the Knights Table:
Knights Table for short, this feature is very helpful to your characters stats, and if maxed, can be a great advantage. Depending on your class, Warriors and Mages have 9 Knights Tables, Paladins on the other hand are a little bit different. They have 11 tables instead of 9, why? Because they have a skill that lets them revive, and are able to fly, you will need to put a certain kind of Eudemon onto that table to unlock those functions. You can choose whether to max these tables or not, it's optional. Though, I strongly recommend you do, because it won't take all of your time to do so. If you don't understand what these Knights Tables do, just read the following.

Type | Eudemon | Level | Nobility
Tactician | All Types | Lvl20 | None
Acrobat | All Types of Mounts | Lvl30 | None
Squire | All Types | Lvl70 | Baron
Knight | All Types | Lvl80 | Viscount
Cavalier | All Types | Lvl101 | Count
Guardian | Scrunch, Sizzle | Lvl90 | None
Dervish | Vanquisher, Valkyrie | Lvl90 | None
Templar | Pdef, Mdef, MdefPdef | Lvl105 | None
Cleric | WarriorRex & WarriorNeil | Lvl90 | None
Resurrector | WarriorRex & WarriorNeil | Lvl20 | For Paladin Only
Lancealot | Pixie | Lvl20 | For Paladin Only

All 11 Knights Tables are in this order; Tactician, Acrobat, Squire, Knight, Cavalier, Guardian, Dervish, Templar, Cleric, Resurrector, and Lancealot. Once you assign an Eudemon a Knights Position, you automatically gain +1BP. It may not seem much, but on this server, the Squire, Knight, and Cavalier (BP Knights Tables) are modified. They give you a higher amount of BP than the Original EO does. Now, to get started, open your Eudemon bag and look at the bottom 4 tabs, you will see one that is highlighted in yellow saying 'Knight', pretty self-explanatory. You will then see this:

Stat Increasing Knights: Guardian, Dervish, Templar, Cleric.
These 4 Knights will help you greatly, not only will you have an advantage to most monsters in the game, you will also get a boost when facing another player in combat. Let's take the Dervish Knight for example, try CCing a player and look at your damage, now try putting a 70* on it which is the max required to get the full potential of that table. Examine your damage, see how much it increased? Mastering these 4 tables will get you farther into the game.

Guardian: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as a Guardian, your character will take less damage in combat. I recommend making it 70*. You will get a -70% boost as defense so to speak.

Dervish: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as a Dervish, your character will get better attacks in combat. Making this Eudemon to 70* will give you a +70% attack increase.

Templar: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as a Templar, your character will get more SP in combat. If you are a warrior, you will get a +150SP increase if the Eudemon is at 70*. It gets annoying running out of SP when you're CCing doesn't it?

Cleric: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as Cleric, your character will get more HP during combat. I would have to say that this is the most important Knights Table out of the 11. Making the Eudemon to 80* and appointing it to this table will give you a +120% HP increase to you, and your pets.

Beneficial Knights: Tactician, Acrobat.
These 2 tables are quite simple, and will help you in a different way rather than give you stats. One of the tables will increase how much experience you get from monsters. It doesn't sound that big of a help, but every little thing adds up. The other table has to do with your ride-able mount, and giving you the ability to jump.

Tactician: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as Tactician, your character will get more experience when killing monsters. A 70* Eudemon will give you a 50% experience increase, which isn't much but everything helps.

Acrobat: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as Acrobat, your character will be able to jump. Making your mount eudemon on this table to 70* will give you the ability to jump outside of citys for only 1SP every jump, delivering logs while being able to jump 15 times, and lets you jump in the market 12 times. Very helpful.

BP Increasing Knights: Squire, Knight, Cavalier.
These 3 Tables are possibly the most important, and essential to your survival. It will give you a BP boost, 300BP max boost to be exact, which is a lot. But to obtain the 300BP, it will take just about the 3 Eudemons to reach 500*+.

Squire: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as Squire, your character will gain extra BP. Making the Eudemon in the Squire table to 500* will give you a +50BP boost.

Knight: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as Knight, your character will gain extra BP. Making the Eudemon in Knight table to 1000* will give you a 100BP boost.

Cavalier: If one of your Eudemons is appointed as Cavalier, your character will gain extra BP. Making the Eudemon in Cavalier table to 1500* will give you a 150BP Boost.

Paladin Tables: Resurrector, Lancealot.
There are only 2 extra tables you get as Paladin, they are helpful, but I don't like going Paladin that much so I don't bother with them. Though, I will tell you their functions and how to obtain them. One of the tables effects your resurrect skill, and the other gives you wings, and also effects 3 other skills.

Resurrector: Your light spell will be strengthened by appointing this knight. In other words, there are 2 skills that this table gives a boost to. Resurrect, and Resurgence. Having the Eudemon to 80* will give your Resurrect skill the ability to have no cooldown time, and when you resurrect someone, or a pet with it, the HP of it will be max. Your Resurgence skill cooldown time will be reduced to 10 seconds, and also giving the person/pet that is being revived full HP. In this case, all your pets will be revived with full HP.

Lancealot: Your dark spells will be strengthened by appointing this knight. Depending on your rank of the Eudemon that is set on this table, you will get wings. Make it 80*. This skill effects 3 skills at, Polymorth, Snare, Joust. Your Polymorth will have no cooldown time. Your Snare will make your opponent unable to jump for 600 seconds. Your Falter will drain 100% of your opponents MP.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Knights of the Round Table.   Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:21 pm

Another awesome guide by the one and only Jayce Very Happy
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Guide to Knights of the Round Table.
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