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 Please Read Before Posting!

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PostSubject: Please Read Before Posting!   Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:21 pm

A few common errors that can be avoided by simply reading this are:

1) Make sure you have OUR client off of OUR website. Other servers will have different IP's, images, prices, etc.

2) After making sure that you have our client run Play.exe NOT Soul.exe and NOT autopatch.exe as play.exe will autopatch your client making sure you are connecting to the correct IP and that you have all the latest patches.

3) If the problem is with the play.exe (autopatch) then make sure that you have Microsoft .net framework updated. A general link for this can be found here.

4) If stuff is invisible or you cannot seem to patch correctly go into your client folder and find version.dat (usually C:Program Files/Eternal Darkness Online/version.dat). Open the file in notepad or something similar and change the number inside back a couple (1000 being the lowest) make sure to save after wards. Then run play.exe and your patching should work fine.

After making sure follow these simple steps if you still are having troubles then you can post. Please be specific about your problem it will help us diagnose the problem.
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Please Read Before Posting!
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