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 Server and Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Server and Forum Rules   Mon May 24, 2010 12:07 pm

Rules Apply To Both Forums and Website (Where Applicable)

1. In Broadcast You may not use ANY language that is offensive in ANY way. This includes, but is not limited to, threats, blackmail, discussion of recreational drugs, sexually explicit language and racism or anything prejudice. As offensive language can interpreted in many forms. If you choose to disobey this rule you may be subject to un-notified muting. The duration of the muting will depend on the severity of the BC, and any past offenses. Spamming Broadcast is also strictly prohibited.

2. You may not harass other players. Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player, or group of players, to harm or inconvenience them. As harassment can take many forms.

3. You may not discriminate against other players or groups. Discrimination is the treatment of a person based on the group, class, or category to which that person belongs rather than on individual merit. As discrimination can take many forms.

4. You may not engage in fraudulent behavior. Fraud is the misrepresentation of facts for personal benefit.

5. You may not exchange account information. You may neither give, receive, nor ask about account information (to include passwords, email address, or any other information not available in the public profile). Account sharing in and form is also strictly prohibited. It doesn't matter whether you are from the same house or not, it is cheating because you have an unfair advantage. In case anyone is still iffy on this subject you are the only one that should ever be on your account. Quitting is no reason to give account information away and if the new person is caught on the account it will be banned.

6. Do not give any staff member a flower, if you do, you will be in botjail for 3 days.

7. Cursing is not permitted in broadcast of talk chat. If someone complains about your cursing in those areas u will be warned. If it continues and proof is given u will be punished. The severity of the offense will determine the punishment. If it happens again you will most likely be banned but once again it depends on the severity of the offense.

8. No teleporting to PM's without there permission, if this is done without there permission you will be botjailed 3 days, if again it's 7 days. If done for a third time, you will be botjailed until we think you are ready to be part of the community again.

9. Pet sharing is strictly prohibited. In other words you MAY NOT trade pets between two or more accounts unless they are to be permanent trades and are in exchange for EP's OR you are the sole owner of each account.

10. English only in BroadCast. This is required so that staff know exactly what is being said in BC, we do not want people swearing, advertising, harassing, etc. in BC.

11. Botting in anyway is absolutely not allowed on the server. This can include auto composing, going afk with windbeads on, and afking near bosses for the free kills. This is a jailable offense and is VERY strictly enforced.

12. Mage's invisible skill is not allowed to be used in the pk tournament as it basically makes u invincible.

13. Intentionally or unintentionally modifying the client in anyway other then texture files is strictly prohibited. If this is discovered it will be immediate lifetime ban from EDO.

14. Harassing ANY staff member is strictly prohibited. Anyone that does so will be dealt with accordingly.

15. The PK'ing of [PM]/[GM]'s is not allowed. Punishments will be dealt accordingly.

Please if you see anyone in-game abusing these rules post screens or videos of this in the report section of this forum. It will greatly help to keep this server alive for as long as possible and create a even and fair playing field. If you report someone without any evidence there is really nothing i can do, I cannot stress it enough that you must at least have a screen shot or two.

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PostSubject: Re: Server and Forum Rules   Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:03 pm

Id also like to add that they MUST answer us when we are botchecking.. or its treated as they are afk


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Server and Forum Rules
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