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PostSubject: MisT Mod App   MisT Mod App EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 10:24 am

Name: MisT
Experience on forums: Yes i have used forums for over 6years Razz
Experience in-game: i was a GM @ Acme way back 2years ago and i was GH @ Unbeaten eo b4 it was closed, And also [GM] on EndOfHeaven
Experience in EO: I was no.1 @ real eo and i have played since the start i think its 5 or 6 years this year, i was known as EvolutionX from LV and i held rank 1-4 on all my 4 chars, Evo, soul74, xxkobexx and y.Jhonny and i was also co owner of K.Ichigo
How can you help our EOD Community: im a graphics designer in training and i can help update the server such as log in screens and so on, i also know lots about the game and can help bring many people to the server because of my reputation.
Hours: if server is on and never crashes i should be on 6hours+ aday on both server and forums.
Other: i know alot of people and i can help improve the server graphicly, im very nice and i can help anyone within reason.
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MisT Mod App
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