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 Coming Soon..

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PostSubject: Coming Soon..   Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:35 pm

A new quest will be released as soon as it's done. I am yet to work out all the minor details yet but here is what I know now.

When all players login they will receive an item in there inventory that will virtually walk them through the quest. You will have to hunt numerous beasts as strong if not stronger then those of the hollow head quest. After this is comleted a price must be paid for the passage to the boss. It is a solo boss and you will not be able to receive any help from other players with this one.

The rewards for the quest will be 6 summon, eps, etc.

I will also be releasing a "PK'' casual soon to. This will be a casual that allows you to be totally invisible 24/7 (except for your name). the only restrictions on it will be like the mage skill, invisible, where it is not allowed in pkt or legionwar. I have not i am not yet decided upon how this item will be optained but if anyone has ideas feel free to post them.

Greetings - King[PM]
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Coming Soon..
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