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 Azermiath's Staff Application

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PostSubject: Azermiath's Staff Application   Azermiath's Staff Application EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 11:54 pm

Name: Azermiath
Experience on forums: Have you ever been a MoD/GM/PM of online forums? I tend to be on the forums to look for help and answer questions when there is no reply and i know the answer. Never had staff on any server.
Experience in-game: Have you been a MoD/GM/PM of any other Private servers? I have played acme eo and this server. I hav reached level 255 and am tired of composing my pets and would like to just be able to help out the other players and make myself as useful as possible
Experience in EO: how long have you played any sort of EO (Private or Real) aproximatly 3 years of total play and I enjoyed everything untill the divine came out.
How can you help our EDO Community: How will you being a MoD Benefit our game in general? How can you help people? I will be able to give guidence and help out the new players on my current account with anything they need. I like to play so it will make me feel good to have staff to sortout any problems and have my normal account to balance out the time that i'm on my staff account and still be a normal player
Hours: How long will you be online in-game and on forums each day? at least an hour if im not working and as much as possible my work schedule is wack being a ranch hand and having busy seasons and slow seasons.
Other: Do you have any special abilities that you feel can help the server? I have a kind heart and the feeling that everyplayer needs to be able to enjoy the game. Not only will i beable to spot botters easier in my down time but i will be able to make everyone have a good time and not let the botters bring down everyone elses game by not being as good and then the game will be fair. I have a great knolege of the game and can direct any player to almost anything in game now that im getting to know the game better.
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Azermiath's Staff Application
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