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 How to color your text: Chatbox/Broadcast

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PostSubject: How to color your text: Chatbox/Broadcast   Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:05 pm

Color In Broadcast
Coloring your text in the broadcast would be more simple to remember, because it only requires 1 short text code. To start it off, you need to type "<" followed by a "/" then a 'hex color code' ending with a '>'. What is a hex color code? It's a fancy word for just color codes. I'm going to give you an example on how to say "Hello my name is Jayce.", I'm using my own name of course.

</99FFCC>Hello my name is Jayce.

Hello my name is Jayce

The text color of "Hello my name is Jayce." in the broadcast would be light blue, because the "99FFCC" is light blue. I will provide you with the link to all of the hex color codes, should be at the end of this guide.

Broadcasting Colored/Multiple/Custom Title Market Booths
With this code, you are able to post your own king of title to advertise your booth, instead of it showing as [Booth 1], and then having to write a message near it saying what is in your booth. Players are able to see what you are trying to sell right there and then. You are also able to broadcast multiple booths (helping a friend out). And you can color code them by just adding the color code in front of this code. For exmaple:

</99FFCC>[/7/1=Testing] </99FF00>[/7/2=Testing 2] </9999FF>[/7/3=Testing 3]

[Testing 1] [Testing 2] [Testing 3]

The "</99FFCC>", you will be familiar with, because that is just a simple color code. But the next code will make sense when I tell you about it. The bracket is the start, "/" is like a separation, "7" means market, "1" means the booth number. And if you are wondering, you can broadcast auction items and such also. Like how the "7 means market", there are other numbers. Go ahead and look into it, have some fun.

Color in Chatbox
There are 2 results when you are doing the color code to color your text in chatbox. You simple add the color code just like when coloring your broadcast (located at the top), but at the end of your message, you add "[/]". By doing this, your message in the chat box turns into the color you chose as the hex color code, but at the start of the message in your chat box is the "[/]" you put at the end of the whole color code. For example:

</FF9933>Hello, I'm awesome.[/]

[/]Hello I'm awesome.

How to get rid of that annoying bracket and its "/" sidekick? Simple. Instead of adding "[/]" at the end of the code, you add "</[/]>" instead and it will show a full colored message. It goes a little something like this.

</FF9933>Hello, I'm awesome.</[/]>

Hello, I'm awesome.

Hex Color Link:

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How to color your text: Chatbox/Broadcast
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